So you want to start playing golf?  Clubs need to be fit?  Maybe you have never been fit

Our experienced PGA staff wants to help you improve your golf game?  We have the patience and skill set to help all golfers of all ages and skill levels to enjoy a game of a lifetime.

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Why are you afraid to start golfing?  You work at a company and they keep asking you to play golf in company outings.  We offer beginner golf classes for those that have no idea on how to hold a club, swing a club, where to stand or even how to check into the pro shop.  We will cover all of those and more in a simple 5-lesson plan called Get Golf Ready.  We will take you from soups to nuts in the hopes that you help us Grow this Great Game of Golf.

Already been playing for awhile but have seen no improvement for a number of years?  We can assist in getting your scores down and allow you to have more fun on the golf course.  Be able to show off to your golf partners as you hit the ball farther, hit your irons crisper and putt and chip like a tour pro.  We can taylor a game improvement lesson program to suite your needs.  We can work to just improve your putting.  Maybe all you need is a short game lesson.  We can do anything for you to help you improve.

The best way to improve your golf game is to combine golf lessons with a PGA Professional AND getting your clubs fit to your swing and height.  If you have questions on club fitting, please call Mase at 319-230-4934 or email me at gmason@spirithollow.com to start your quest to understand club fitting and how it will enhance your golf game with golf lessons and properly fit golf clubs.  Once you get stuck please feel free to call Mase at 319-230-4934 to get started with your golf game improvement with lessons and club fitting.