Waverly Golf Course hires Jordan David

Waverly Golf Course hires Jordan David

10556218_851987568145991_5120556041541139520_n  I am pleased and honored to announce that the City of Waverly has hired Jordan David as the new Pro Shop Manager at the Waverly Golf Course.  JD is a 2011 W-SR Graduate.  He will graduate this year from UNI with a Major in Movement and Exercise with a coaching endorsement.  JD has been my trusted right hand dude for the past 4 years and will only add to the Pro Shop Operations at Waverly.  He has some great people skills.  With the staff that we have in place, he will hit the ground running.  I am so excited to have JD be your next golf professional, once he becomes one, at the Waverly Golf Course.
The Pro Shop hours will be from 9 am to dusk.  Come buy your season pass, trail fee, handicap, city league and above all come wish JD the best as he will make Waverly proud – even better than when he was throwing up 3-Pointers on the High School Basketball team in Des Moines back from 2008-2011.


Waverly Golf Course to Open Wednesday at Noon

Waverly Golf Course to Open Wednesday at Noon

IMG_0409  It is time.  We will open the Waverly Golf Course for the 2015 Golf Season on Wednesday, March 18th at noon.  Call the Pro Shop for your tee time at 319-352-1530 or

The Pro Shop will be open on Tuesday from 10 am to 6 pm.  Then from Thursday on it will be open from 9 am to dusk each day.

Look for details on our upcoming events in April –

  • Saturday, April 4th – 4-Person Best Shot
  • Sunday, April 12th – Red Tee Open
PGA of America VP Paul Levy and the Iowa Section

PGA of America VP Paul Levy and the Iowa Section

FullSizeRender  Honored and privileged to have my good friend and Vice President Paul Levy at our Iowa Section of the PGA Spring Business Meeting and Board Meeting.

FullSizeRender-2  Paul and Iowa Section PGA President Dave Schneider, PGA of the Wakonda Club addressing our members in the Town Hall portion of Education.

Great insight from…

  • JD Drimel, PGA – our new District 8 Director from Minnesota
  • Bruce Lubach, PGA Employment Consultant
  • Paul Levy, PGA Vice President

on what is going on with our National PGA and assisting us on what we have going on in the Iowa Section.

  • Iowa PGA Foundation – new website coming SOON
  • Golf in Schools – new website coming SOON
  • Our Iowa Section PGA Member

Thanks everyone for your contributions.

Waverly City League Sign up for 2015

BvGAcx7IgAAGqce.jpg-large  That time of the year.  It has been cold.  Snowy.  Cabin fever.  NCAA Baseketball.  PLUS you MUST be Thinking about playing a little more GOLF in 2015?

How about Waverly City League.  You may play on Tuesday or Thursday or BOTH NIGHTS.

City League will begin on May 5th or May 7th and run, depending on the number of teams that sign up, until the middle of August.  This is a great way to get out and continue regular play at the Waverly Golf Course.

Waverly Golf Fees for 2015

IMG_2720  How much is it going to cost you to play golf at the Waverly Golf Course as recommended by the Golf Commission and approved by the City Council.

It is getting warm out and we will be sending out our regular posts as in the past covering golf leagues, adult and junior golf lessons, the calendar of events and much, much more for 2015.

We’re BACK! R U ready for some…

YouTube Preview Image

Are you ready for some of this WHITE STUFF here in Iowa?  I AM NOT READY FOR IT.  It does look like it is heading our way tonight and tomorrow.  With our LACK OF SNOW – be sure to be safe and allow more time to drive as those new AND old drivers may not be ready for the slick streets yet.

No snow days so far – that is a positive note for our Iowa golf courses.  Gets those golfers on the golf course sooner rather than the 4th of July.  LOL!

This video was from the Winter of 2014 while our daughter, Stephanie, videotaped from our garage.  Then being the joker that I am I had to HIT HER WITH A LITTLE SNOW each time.

We decided to take a little time off from writing on our…

over the Christmas and Holiday Break.  But we are recharged and ready to start engaging you at the Waverly Golf Course like we did the past few winters.

I did look at one of our golf friends, voice of the Panthers – Gary “THE SPORTS GUY” Rima newest website.  Pretty good stuff on all things in Iowa sports.  Put it on your favorite list.


One more week

One more week

IMG_3157  Terri and I are empty nesters so we went small this year – little tree by the TV.  Do you suppose she put it there to remind me that it was Christmas?

So just like Terri, little things come in BIG packages – including the Spirit of Christmas.  It is the thought that counts – correct?

  • The spirit is BIG in our hearts as we celebrate Christ’s Birth

It is hard to believe but only one more week until Christmas Day.  As we get older it sure seems as if the time just flies by from year to year.  So enjoy them as much as one can.

So don’t forget to get out and buy that last minute gift for that person dear to your heart.  For all those “secret Santa’s” in the world, be nice to each other – treat other’s as you wish to be treated.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and Happy Holidays to everyone.

2014 Volunteer of the Year, Dr. Bill Withers in this weeks newsletter

2014 Volunteer of the Year, Dr. Bill Withers in this weeks newsletter

20141209_114651_2  This weeks newsletter we cover what Dr. Bill Withers, our 2014 Waverly Golf Volunteer of the Year, did in a collaboration of the Waverly Golf & CC Board and the Waverly Golf Commission.  Mission, Vision and Values of our joint operations.  Thanks Dr. Bill.

All in this week’s newsletter…

Thanks for a good Pro Shop Blow Out

IMG_2636  Thanks for a good day at the Final Day Pro Shop Blow Out at the Waverly Golf Course.  We appreciate all of you for the support over another year.

If you need anything this winter, feel free to call (319)-230-4934 or email me at allgolfg@aol.com.  We will still do our daily posts and video like we did last winter.

The winner for a FREE In-Stock Putter – drawn by the upstairs staff as they awaited tonights Christmas Party – is…

  • Bryon “Big Dog” Howland

Thanks for playing.


Today, SATURDAY, the Waverly Pro Shop will be open from 10 am to 6 pm. The first 50 customers will be put into a drawing for an in-stock putter of their choice.

Can’t figure out what to buy?  We have gift certificates for that golfer in your family.


See you at the course – I won’t be wearing shorts today!