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This looks like FUN

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I think this looks like a blast.  How about a great bar outing?  Fundraiser?  Company Team builder?  Fun day out?

Think of the families we would have playing at the course that would then become regular golfers at Waverly?

Ever wanted to get your kid or grandkid to the golf course?  Want to get that same kid or grandkid away from their XBox?  This may be that way.

For you naysayers…

  • before you drink up that gallon of Pepto to help your heart burn or
  • get your panties in a wad or
  • take your ball home ‘cuz you can’t play or
  • this will never work

don’t dislike it until you try it.  The logistics have been proven by a colleague Mike Woods, PGA at

Haggin Oaks in Sacramento

They play well along side each other and we will have to do some educating on how to “all get along”.  So don’t panic just yet.

TRUST ME YOU have felt a lot more PANIC over a 3-foot downhill putt on #9 or a drive on #1 into the wind after hitting your first two into the truck pull area than worrying over this program.

Here is the official link to this new possibility…

Any questions, feel free to post or email me at

Bunker game is way good – but my driveway still needs shoveling

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Go grab that sandwedge, put on your snow boots and let’s get your bunker/sand game better.  Trust me, it is fun to work on your game this way.  I am just wondering if this could be the next Winter Olympic Sport?  Could be better than curling?  Skeleton?  Luge?  Those aren’t lifetime games but WINTER GOLF could be.

LEGAL DISCLAIMER:  No windows or animals were damaged or hurt during the filming of this video.  Mase did sustain a little frostbite but nothing essential was lost.   Though my crack photographer Steph was shaking and laughing while filming this so she might have busted a gut.

Plus we have more videos from Dennis and Eric AND information on how to improve YOUR golf game in our weekly newsletter at…

As promised, the snow is the perfect opportunity to work on  your bunker or sand game.  One must always look for opportunity when it comes upon us.  So seize the day.

Now you may not get all your driveway shoveled with such a small implement.  But your bunker game will improve.

Voting for the newest Winter Olympic Sport begins…





Tuesday’s Tips with Mase

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It is time for Tuesday’s Tips with Mase.  Here is a golf tip for you to work on inside.  Your golf routine.  It will help your game improve and if you do it correctly will actually help speed of play on the golf course.  There is also a part 2 of routine if you want to “read ahead”…

Part 2 of your GOLF ROUTINE

Later this week we will have a bunker tip, using the SNOW!  I know I am a carrier of the crazy gene, just ask my daughter and crack photographer, Steph.


Rain and Snow in Waverly says G3 Golf

Rain and Snow in Waverly says G3 Golf

18 fairway 2  Snow and rain has caused a little flooding in our area.  But that is good as it is melting the snow so we can get golfing.  Golf courses will be open before you know it.  Be sure to check out our new prices at Waverly Golf Course.  New super senior rate for those over 72, $300 for all the golf you can play.  We wish to have you a part of our exercise program called golf.  For those that are still worried about flooding, check this dudes vehicle out.  Action starts at the 1:20 mark…That’s a BOAT?

Legend Trail has BUCK BEERS Saturday…

Legend Trail has BUCK BEERS Saturday…

  Legend Trail has Buck Beers on Saturday until 1 PM while supplies last.  Stop by have a beer, eat a nice breakfast with eggs, hash, bacon and toast.  What a CHAMPIONS MEAL orrrrr….

Need a Rental Pull Cart? Greensmower?

Need a Rental Pull Cart? Greensmower?

  G3 Golf is selling golf course stuff from our All Golf Center operation that we sold this year.  Go the link under All Golf, click on Equipment for sale and we have some more pictures on what we have to sell.  Feel free to call Mase at 319-230-4934 if you have a question or an offer.

Fun with Friends, PGA Officers in New Orleans along time ago

Fun with Friends, PGA Officers in New Orleans along time ago

 What a blast we had in New Orleans a couple of years back for the PGA Annual Meeting.  Found this in the office and had to get it posted.  At the time, Pres Hutton and Michelle, Secretary Specht and the VP, Greg and Terri.  What a great week that we had.  Still laugh about that week.  Sorry you missed it Troy.

Happy Thanksgiving from G3 Golf and the Mason’s

Happy Thanksgiving from G3 Golf and the Mason family.  This is one of those Holidays that should NEVER be forgotten but seems to be in our haste to get to Christmas.  But please take the time to say THANKS.  We should all be happy with what we have had, do have and will have.  Remember it is Thanksgiving.

Annual Meeting, PGA of America with our outgoing Prez

Looking forward to another PGA of America Annual Meeting as we celebrate our outgoing Prez Allen Wronoski service in office.  Like the USA we have an election year for our newest Secretary of the PGA.  I look forward to fellowship and meeting more PGA of America friends at this annual meeting.  We also say thank you to our retiring CEO/Honorary PGA of America Member, Joe Steranka and his 25 years of service to our Association.  See everyone Thursday as we go to Ravens Ballpark for some fun and laughter.