We’re More Than A Golf Course

“We’re more than a golf course”

We have always been into tag lines for our facilities.  We invented “Fast, Fun, Friendly Golf” at Airport National Golf in Cedar Rapids, then “big time golf, small town Iowa” at Fox Ridge Golf in Dike.  At the All Golf Center we stole Don Narveson’s famous tag line of “have fun, play well”.  He said that to about every golfer that played at Byrnes Park Golf Course (Irv Warren Memorial Golf Course now).  Waverly Golf Course had a great tag line before we arrived, “same old game, great new look”.  This was to signify the course changes they did in the early 2000’s.  But they had the same great staff and players involved.

Our dad always seemed to have tag line at each church he ministered at.  The most rewarding one that I remember was “The People are the Church”.  He felt that it didn’t matter whether one had a huge church building or a small one, the people are truly what make the church what it is/was.  We have always tried to figure a way to get that into our golf tag lines.  We have been unsuccessful in that endeavor until now.  It is as close as we have come to that.

So come on out and try the tag line and see if we meet those expectations.  We truly want to be “more than a golf course” to you.