The Boys of G3 Golf

img_0116-1_2  G3 Golf, LLC – Growing the Great Game of Golf is managed by these dudes.  Grant, Greg and Gary Mason (from left to right) are brothers in the goal of growing the greatest game to be played – GOLF.  Golf can be played by people of all ages.  It is never too late to start up this great game of golf.

Grant – lives in Colorado and loves coming “home” to the Cedar Valley to play some golf on some well kept golf courses.  His daytime job is that of a Deputy Sheriff for the Jefferson County in Colorado.  His golf game has improved and if you wish to see someone hit it a long, long way, play a round with him.  He makes a GREAT best shot partner.  Married to Tracy, they have three kids, okay, adults.

Gary – lives in Colorado some of the time and travels the world the rest of the time.  The thinker and supporter of our group.  No one has a bigger heart than our brother.  Has been all over the world and still wants to do that again.  He travels and teaches English as a second language.  He is into biking, running and most outdoor sports.

Greg or Mase – a PGA Golf Professional since 1991, professional since 1988.  Married to Terri and they have two kids, sorry adults.  Greg has been lucky to have been a part of Beaver Hills CC, Amana Colonies Golf Course and Irv Warren Golf Course as an assistant golf professional under Kevin Dorrington, PGA and Mark Lemon, PGA.  Along with partner Mark Lemon, started Airport National Public Golf Complex in 1992 where Mark still guides the operation today.  Greg then moved onto help Dennis Kruger develop Fox Ridge Golf Course in Dike in 2000 before Dennis sold it in 2004.

In 2003, the three brothers purchased the All Golf Center, which they sold in 2012.  Greg helped Red Dog Lockie build Legend Trail Golf Club in Parkersburg for some developers and then purchased the property in 2008.  They then sold both properties in 2012.

They took over golf operations at the Waverly Golf Course in 2007 and managed them until 2014.  They have helped raise the revenues and rounds at this municipally owned golf facility since that time.  This fun, longest but shortest golf course is well maintained and fun to play for golfers of all ages and skill levels.

Mase has moved onto the #2 ranked golf course in the State of Iowa by Golfweek and Golf Digest, The LODGE at Spirit Hollow provides luxurious rooms on site overlooking a fantastic and scenic golf course.  This facility has hosted State Am’s, Mid Am’s, High School State Championships, National Junior College Tournament, MVC Women’s Conference Championship and the Golfweek Challenge hosted by the University of Northern Iowa.

They work at making the golf experience the best that it can be.  They pride themselves on “being more than a golf course” to its patrons.  This means being a friend, a coach, a fellow golfer and if you need the answer to the score of the RAMS, SUNS or ORIOLES game, give us a call and we will get that answer.

Mase has served the Iowa Section of the PGA as an officer beginning in 2006.  He was awarded the Iowa Section’s Golf Professional of the Year in 2008 and Bill Strausbaugh Award in 2009 and in 2014.  He still is active serving on the GIVE Foundation for Veterans and the Iowa PGA Foundation within the Section.  He also has served on National PGA Committees of Government Relations and Employment.

Mase is so proud that he has brothers like Gary and Grant to support and lead him in the great game of golf.

They look forward to playing a round of golf with any or all of you.  All you have to do is ask.

G3 Golf is Growing the Great Game of Golf and seeking to make the facility they run “more than a golf course”.  Come visit us.