About G3 Golf

“Where we are more than a golf course”

This website is dedicated to Growing the Great Game.  That game is golf.  With all of its history, traditions and all the NEW history and traditions you may add to this great game.

We strive to make all our patrons feel as if our facilities “are more than a golf course”.

We are striving to keep you informed on all things golf and if you have a question about something other than golf…call us and we will make it a point to get that answer.  Where “we are more than a golf course”, we are a family that wishes to include all of you into that circle that uses the conduit of golf to achieve that goal.

We have many channels for you to gain information from us.

G3Golf is on…

The LODGE at Spirit Hollow, Burlington, Iowa is on…

We are here to help new or novice golfers, experienced golfers, old golfers, young golfers, couples, men and ladies, those that are intimidated by the game of golf and all of the “weird” things that go along with the game of golf.

You can watch video by Mase on how to improve your game.  Intimidated by the pro shop, we will have some video on how to check in at the golf course.

Not sure if you like the game?  Call us and let us convince you that this is a game of a lifetime.  You may have simple questions like where do I check in when I arrive at a golf course?

Been away from the game and are unsure of any changes in equipment or technology or etiquette?  Call us and we can assist you to make you feel good about those changes and how they may or may not affect you.  For example, may I use my steel spikes anymore?  Most golf courses do not allow them anymore.  Most require soft spikes for all golf shoes.

This website is dedicated to getting you to–get started in the game of golf–get back into the game because you went away from the game and now want to play it again–play the game and want to improve your game of golf.

Check back to this website as we will have many items that may interest you.  We will publish our lesson and lesson programs, leagues for all types of players, tournaments for our season ticket holders and public tournaments or just check back because you want to.  We don’t mind.

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